Tell your story + connect with your clients. An image is worth a thousand's TRUE. You can tell so much from beautiful custom imagery. I love supporting other small businesses and helping convey their story so they can better connect with their clients. Connections are KEY. People aren't just interested in what you're selling, they're interested in your WHY. People love to support other people and want to do business with real people who they can relate to and trust, 

I have 17 years of experience shooting with intention, capturing authentic emotion, and telling a visual story. I  I also have an MBA in Marketing and worked in that field for 10 years before becoming a photographer. Small business photography is a natural fit for me. I’ve come to be known for photographs that capture my clients as they truly are. Comfortable and relaxed enough to let their real smile shine through. Headshots of you (or your whole team) can take place in my studio, outdoors or at your business. I am happy to bring along my backgrounds and studio lighting to make it easier for you. Discounts on headshots for 4 or more team members.



Studio or on-location session
1 retouched, art ready, digital negative
Copyright release
Styling assistance
Additional individual images: $25 each

4-10 people: $70 per person
11+ people: $55 per person

I Can bring my studio to you


Branding Photography is perfect for product and service images, showcasing your building and employees and/or illustrating your quality and processes. These images can be used to update your website and marketing materials and/or to use as content for your social media pages. My goal with a brand photo shoot is to help a business STAND OUT and thrive in their niche, further develop their brand presence and communicate a story. Your personal brand is what sets you apart from the crowd, it’s what makes you unique and interesting. Your personal brand is the experience only you can create for your clients.

Whether you are a real estate agent looking for a more stylized image to set you apart, or a business that needs to build an online presence, personal branding photography is right for you. Personal branding photography can transform your business and elevate your brand. Clients, fans, and followers want to get to know you, your staff and your story. The more honest and genuine the connection in your images, the better your audience will respond.


Photos that showcase products in a lifestyle setting (actually being used, stylishly displayed, or that include people) get way more online interaction than the old-fashioned white-background "catalog" shots! 

Blog posts with a photo every 100 or so words, get 2x more shares!

You get 3 X more engagement on Facebook by sharing images!

You can get 40% additional Likes on Instagram by showing your face!

Your brain processes visual images 60,000 times faster than text!

What to expect :

Branding sessions are customized according to your small business' aesthetic, message, and upcoming needs. Prior to your session, we'll meet to discuss your ideas, any upcoming launches, offerings, or events you may have

1) I'll share a detailed questionnaire to help us craft the story you want to tell, what you stand for, and how you want to be seen.

2) Location scouting and shoot preparation 

3) Customized images shot only for your brand

4) Lifestyle and product shots showing you doing what you do, in your environment. This even includes a family session if you wish.

5) A commercial use license so you have no worries where and how to use the images. Your images will be presented in an online gallery with instant download capability. Through this gallery, you’ll be able to download and save and order prints and canvases of your favorites through my professional print lab if you wish.



Ideal for new businesses, re-branding + annual updates.
120 Minute Session
Studio or on-location session
80+ high-res, art-ready digital negs
Copyright release
Private online viewing gallery
Visual Branding Strategy Session
Custom Brand Styling



Perfect for social media, web and marketing updates
60 Minute Session
Studio or on-location session
40+ high resolution, art-ready digital negs
Copyright release
Private online viewing gallery
Visual Branding Strategy Session
Custom brand styling



Best for social media and seasonal updates
30 Minute Session
Studio or on-location session
20 + high resolution, art ready digital negs
Copyright release
Private online viewing gallery
Visual Branding Strategy Session
Custom brand styling


Discounted Quarterly Brand Photography Packages

Book 4 SEASONAL SESSIONS and receive $200 off

As a small business owner, I understand how much offers, product lines and even staff can change season to season. Keep your website and social media pages filled with topical, timely photos by booking four packages at once to be used each quarter. Avoid the stress of trying to find photos to post online each week by planning ahead for a cohesive, intentional feed your ideal clients can’t ignore.

Book 4 SEASONAL SESSIONS and receive $200 off when purchased upfront. Sessions must be used within 12 months.



25+ high resolution, art ready digital negs

1 day turn-around

Crisp, bright, and airy images


How Is Brand Photography Used ?

When Should You Invest In Brand Photography?

Will you help me create a list of photos to capture?

What are your 1/2 day and full day rates?


How Is Brand Photography Used ?

Your images can go on everything from your business cards to your website. They can be curated into your instagram and used in ads and banners. Your image is your reputation and the first impression your clients will see.

When Should You Invest In Brand Photography?

The best time to invest in your first brand photoshoot is when building (or updating) your website and social media presence. Having a solid foundation of content on your website and social platforms can boost your business credibility and give your clients the trust they need to hire you within seconds of visiting your website.
Update your website imagery every 1-2 years and your social media imagery as needed. Many of my clients like to shoot multiple sessions a year to coincide with campaign launches and special events in their business. Professional personal brand photography coupled with authentic and honest snapshots of your daily life help to paint a full picture of who you are as a business owner and human being.

Will you help me create a list of photos to capture?

YES! I'll help you to brainstorm ideas and envision the session. I'll help determine who and what will be in your images, wardrobe, locations and props you'll use, and how and where you'll use the images. We’ll start with a simple questionnaire and visual branding strategy session to get clear on who your clients are, who you are, and what kind of brand statement you want to make. I’ll bring my marketing expertise to the table, so we can talk about how we’ll use your photo shoot to capture your personal style and share your message.
Next, I’ll help you pull together the “look” you’re going for with custom brand styling—everything from wardrobe to location to props

What are your 1/2 day and full day rates?

The 1/2 day rate is $2,000 and the full day rate is $3,500. This includes all the digital images captured during this time. Should images require extensive retouching it will be $95/image.

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